Victor Wembanyama isn’t a unicorn, he’s more thant that, he’s an alien. Vice-champion of France with the Metropolitans Mets and drafted first by David Stern in the last draft, the Frenchman is ready to change basketball.

Victor Wembanyama, the future of basketball

How tall is Victor Wembanyama?

Announced by his team as being 7’1 in France, he was measured (7’3) during his October USA tour.
More recently, he was interviewed by children during the 2023 draft and replied that he was 7’3. On the NBA standard he’s 7’5.
I’ll let you make up your own mind about Wemby next to David Robinson (7’1) and Tim Duncan (6’11).


Here he is next to Rudy Gobert, who is 7’1 tall:


What shoe size does Victor Wembanyama wear?

Victor, like his size, has an oversized shoe! His shoe size is 20.5. Only 3 players in NBA history have ever had a shoe size larger than his: Shaquille O’Neal, Bob Lanier and Tacko Fall. All three wore size 22.

He was recently seen wearing a Nike model designed by Drake before the draft:


In these photos, future NBA Draft #1 pick Victor Wembanyama is wearing Drake’s new “Nocta Glide” pair, which will be released soon (something Drake appreciated)!
For the record, Victor was at Yankee Stadium today and performed the traditional “first pitch” ! ⚾️

What was Victor’s background?


Adam Silver shaking hands with Victor Wembanyama in his Louis Vuitton Alien Kimono suit

Victor was born on January 4, 2004. He joined the Nanterre 92 basketball club at the age of 10. At 11, he was already 6’2 tall. He will remain with Nanterre until 2021. He then joins ASVEL, a club chaired by Tony Parker. For the second time, he is voted best prospect in the French championship and wins the French championship title. To everyone’s surprise, he signed up for Metropolitans 92 in 2022. He is expected to join the NBA in 2023, where he is expected to be drafted number 1. In 2021, with the French U19 team, he became world champion against the USA. He was named in the tournament’s best 5 after dominating tournament MVP Chet Holmgren head and shoulders, despite being two years younger. 2023 was the year of consecration. His Mets club lost in the final to the Monaco armada, but Victor was able to console himself with the titles of top scorer, top rebounder, top counter-attacker and finally MVP of the championship. An unprecedented feat at the tender age of 19. These feats earned him a first-round selection in the 2023 NBA draft by the San Antonio Spurs.

Why does he generate so much anticipation?

Victor Wembanyama has a unique basketball profile. He’s 2.20m tall, fast, moves like a winger, shoots like a shooting guard, has a bigger wingspan than Rudy Gobert, an incredible touch on the ball, great game intelligence, doesn’t succumb to pressure, and has a real feel for the counter. His profile doesn’t exist and never has. The player who comes closest to him is Giánnis Antetokoúnmpo, but at the same age he was much further behind than Victor.

Victor Wembanyama videos

Highlight 2023:

Game 1 against Ignite (october 2022)

Game 2 against Ignite (october 2022)

Highlights at ASVEL

Training against Rudy Gobert

Best of coupe du monde U19

Finale-France USA, championnat du monde U19

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