Zhang Jun Cai – 7 feet 11.3 inches (242 cm)

Zhang Jun Cai

Zhang Jun Cai, born in Shanxi Province, China, holds the title of China’s tallest man, standing at least 7 feet 11.3 inches (242 cm). Despite surpassing the height of individuals officially recognized by Guinness World Records, such as Bao Xi Shun and Leonid Stadnyk, Zhang Jun Cai has never been officially measured by Guinness, raising questions about potential commercial considerations.

In a Japanese television show, Zhang Jun Cai’s height was measured at 242 cm (7’11.3″). This places him taller than the officially recognized tallest man, Sultan Kösen of Turkey, who was measured at 246.4 cm (8’1″) by Guinness World Records in September 2009.

Born in Shanxi Province, Zhang Jun Cai achieved verification as China’s tallest man on November 23, 2010, through the Japanese show. It’s worth noting that Zhang visited a hospital in April 2009, where he met his friend Yao Defen, who measured 7 feet 9 inches (2.36 meters). Despite his impressive height, Zhang Jun Cai’s exclusion from Guinness World Records measurements adds a layer of intrigue to his towering stature.

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