Suparwono – 7 feet 11.3 inches (242 cm)


Suparwono, a towering figure from Indonesia known by his single name, boasts an unofficial height of 2.71 meters (8.89 feet), as opposed to Sultan Kosen’s recorded height of 2.47 meters. Suparwono’s realization of his exceptional height dawned upon him at the age of 10 when he stood out as the tallest in both his school and village.

In pursuit of a basketball career during his teenage years, Suparwono’s aspirations were curtailed by bone problems, rendering his anatomical structure unfit for elite sports, as noted by his former coach, Willy Winoto. Despite this setback, Suparwono, now 25, maintains a robust diet, consuming three kilograms (6.61 pounds) of rice daily along with at least 15 eggs.

Living with his parents, Suparwono engages in odd jobs around the village for income. Lampung Governor Sjachroedin Zainal has pledged to provide him with a “proper job” and designate him as an ambassador for the province.

Although Suparwono aspired to be recognized as the world’s tallest man, official measurements by Indonesia’s Museum of Records revealed a height of 2.42 meters, making him Indonesia’s tallest man but falling short of the Guinness World Records criteria. Despite conflicting reports of his height, the Museum of Records stands by its measurement, emphasizing the need for accuracy. Debate continues about Suparwono’s true height, with some suggesting he may be around 7 feet 7 inches, challenging the initial claim of 7 feet 11.3 inches.

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