Sun Fang – 7’3″ (221 cm)

sun fang

In the realms of extraordinary stature, Sun Fang emerges as a fascinating figure, born in 1987 in the picturesque county of Linquan, Fuyang, Anhui province. Standing tall at an impressive 7 feet 2.6 inches, she not only captures attention as the tallest living Chinese woman but also secures her place in the Guinness World Records as the tallest living woman globally. Sun Fang is hailed as a “walking female giant,” a testament to her remarkable presence.

Sun Fang’s journey began with typical physical development at birth, but the narrative took a dramatic turn after her first year. The acceleration in her growth rate became apparent, reaching a point where finding suitable shoes in stores by the fifth grade posed a genuine challenge. Sun Fang’s distinctive features include remarkably large feet, and hands that resemble fans, capable of creating a breeze with a simple wave.

Her appetite mirrors the magnitude of her stature, as she effortlessly consumes the equivalent of six large bowls of rice in one sitting—an amount comparable to the food intake of three adults. To add to her feats, she can gulp down a 2.5-kilogram bottle of beverage in a single breath. However, as the years unfolded, Sun Fang encountered physical challenges, marked by frequent eye and leg pains. A subsequent examination revealed the presence of a brain tumor, adding a layer of complexity to her extraordinary journey.

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