Morteza Mehrzad – 8 feet 1 inch (246.4 cm)

Morteza Mehrzadselakjani (born September 17, 1987) is a renowned Iranian volleyball player, known for his impressive height of 8’1″, making him the tallest living man in Iran and the third tallest in the world.

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Mehrzad has achieved significant success, including two gold medals at the 2016 Rio and 2020 Tokyo Paralympics and the prestigious Golden Ball award for the world’s best player in 2022.

Mehrzad’s journey is truly exceptional. Born with gigantism, a rare condition caused by excessive growth hormone production, he quickly stood out, measuring over 6 feet and 2 inches by the age of 16. However, at 15, a bicycle accident led to a serious pelvic fracture, causing one of his legs to stop growing, leaving it significantly shorter than the other. This accident deeply affected him, eventually leading to his use of a wheelchair, crutches, and a walking stick.

His talent was discovered in 2011 by Iran’s national head coach, Hadi Rezaei, after watching a television program highlighting exceptional individuals with disabilities. Hadi’s interest led to Mehrzad’s journey in sitting volleyball. His training in various regional clubs paved the way for his international debut in 2016 during the Paralympics qualifiers, marking the beginning of an illustrious career.

In the 2016 Summer Paralympics sitting volleyball final, Mehrzad emerged as the top scorer with 28 points for Iran, contributing to the gold medal victory over Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2018, he played a pivotal role in Iran’s triumph at the Sitting Volleyball World Championship. His exceptional skills and dedication continued, culminating in another gold medal at the 2022 Summer Paralympics sitting volleyball event. Moreover, 2022 saw him secure a second Sitting Volleyball World Championship with the Iranian national team.

Morteza Mehrzadselakjani’s journey is a testament to his remarkable talent, resilience, and extraordinary achievements in the world of sitting volleyball.

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