Marianne Wehde – 7 feet 2 inches (218.4 cm)

Marianne Wehde

The intriguing story of Pauline Marie Elizabeth Wehde, also known as Marianne Wehde or Marianne Wedde, unfolds against the backdrop of Benkendorf, Germany, where she was born on January 31, 1866. Commencing her journey at the age of 16, Marianne embarked on a tour that traversed England, France, and Ireland, leaving a mark as a towering figure in the world of entertainment.

In the year 1882, she captured the public’s attention by being promoted as the future bride of the giant Joseph Drasal. Simultaneously, she earned the moniker of the Giant Amazon Queen, a title befitting her commanding presence.

Her theatrical pursuits took a significant turn in the same year when she secured the role of the Amazon Queen in the play “Babel and Bijou,” presented at the prestigious London Alhambra. This marked a pivotal moment in Marianne Wehde’s career as she showcased her talents on the grand stage.

However, the tale takes a somber turn as reports suggest her passing in either Berlin or Paris. Signor Saltarino, the author of “Fahrend volk” Leipzig 1895, leans towards Paris as the place where Marianne took her last breath. Adding a dimension to her legacy, the book lists her extraordinary height as 8 feet 4.8 inches or 256 cm. This enigmatic woman bid farewell to the world in 1884, just shy of celebrating her nineteenth birthday, leaving behind a story steeped in height and theatrical allure.

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