Maria Feliciana dos Santos – 7’4.5″ (224.8 cm)

Discover the intriguing life of Maria Feliciana dos Santos, a woman of extraordinary height, standing tall at 7 feet and 4.5 inches (224.8 cm).

maria feliciana dos santos

Her towering stature was not only remarkable but also opened doors to a diverse range of careers and life experiences.

Maria’s journey into the world of entertainment began when she was just 16 years old, as she showcased her talents in basketball, singing, and even as a circus attraction. In 1962, she made her first public appearances, and by the age of 18, she earned the title of “Queen of Height” in a prestigious contest hosted by Chacrinha.

Guided by Antonio Freire de Souza, her manager and the one who discovered her, Maria embarked on a career that led her to circus performances, the silver screen, and television.

Maria’s striking height eventually earned her the coveted title of the “Queen of Height” in a television contest to identify the tallest woman globally. This honor was commemorated with a coronation attended by the legendary Luiz Gonzaga, who presented her with the crown. Among the contenders was an American woman measuring 7 feet (215 cm) tall.

At the age of 25, Maria ventured into basketball, playing for the Sergipana team. She later joined Porto Alegre’s team while simultaneously pursuing her education at university. In 1971, she proudly represented Brazil in 22 games as a member of the Brazilian University team.

In 1995, Maria faced a health challenge when she had to undergo foot surgery. Unfortunately, the operation did not yield the desired results, leading to the removal of a portion of her foot, rendering her unable to walk or stand.

Despite her incredible journey, Maria was no stranger to the trials of life. She was married and had three children. However, tragedy struck when her husband lost his life in a car accident in 1998, leaving the family without their primary source of income. Consequently, Maria found herself in a state of poverty, navigating life’s challenges with her towering presence and unwavering spirit.

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