Anton de Franckenpoint – 8 feet 0 inches (243.8 cm)

Anton de Franckenpoint

Anton de Franckenpoint, also known as Long Anton or Lange Anton, was a personal guard to Christian von Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel during the 16th century in Germany. Born in the 16th century, Franckenpoint was the first verified person to reach a height of 8 feet (244 cm) or more.

In 1810, his skeleton was added to the Museum Anatomicum in Marburg, Germany, after being part of the University of Helmstedt’s collection. Despite its incompleteness, missing an arm, both hands, one foot, and the breastbone, the skeleton remains a remarkable testament to Franckenpoint’s extraordinary stature.

A full-size oil painting of “Langen Anton” hangs in the entrance hall of the ‘Marburger Anatomischen Instituts,’ depicting him as a hired soldier. This painting, dating back to the Helmstedter Anatomishe Theater in 1709, is from the University of Helmstedt’s collection. Mentioned in an article about the Helmstedter Anatomishe Theater, it provides a visual representation of Franckenpoint’s impressive height.

The authenticity of Franckenpoint’s height is well-documented in historical records, making him a significant figure in the study of extreme height. His skeletal measurements indicated a height of 8 feet, marking him as the first verified person in history to reach such an extraordinary stature.

This blog post highlights Franckenpoint’s unique place in history, underscoring the fascination and curiosity surrounding individuals who surpass the ordinary limits of height.

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